Friday, July 29, 2011

Key Facts About The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree is Considered to be one of the most significant and magnificent trees in the whole world. In all there are over 300 varieties of these majestic forest giants.

Some species of oaks include the Royal Oak and Quercus Robur (Common Oak), which are very popular in Britain. Another species of oak called the Charter Oak is very prominent in the United States. Among the rarest of oaks is the Cork Oak, and is so called because it is the tree that is used to make a majority of the finest wine bottle corks. The earlier-mentioned British Quercus Robur is one that is most often used in landscape architecture around an estate home.

Most oak trees take hundreds of years to reach maturity. In fact, one tree in Windsor is over 800 years old. This tree was planted during the reign of King John, and has lived through at least 35 monarch reigns. This tree has lived longer than most men, even the men of ancient times.

The oak remains a symbol of spiritual significance and serves as a valuable commodity for the creation of durable tangible goods. For instance, the bible uses the oak tree in reference at least 23 times. In addition, Romans, Greeks, Celts, Slavs, and Teutonic groups put the oak on a pedestal, higher than any other tree.

The oak tree is also referenced in many ballads, such as Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, which was also associated with Robin Hood. This is an actual tree that is still standing after quite a long time, and it measures to be 20 metres (64 feet) wide. The Major Oak is one tree that has reached its maturity.

Oak has also been used on British coins. The sixpence, which is one of Britain's oldest coins, has an oak tree engraved on it, and the shilling does as well.

The reason why the oak is such a well-revered tree is because it is one of the strongest woods in the world. In fact, it has been noted that the oak tree has five times the shearing strength of Scots pine. That is the reason it is used to make burial coffins for important people, such as the one of Edward the Confessor located in a shrine in Westminster Abbey.

Those who love to learn about the history of why certain names came about can read about the history of the Royal Oak. In brief, the Royal Oak was so named because King Charles II hid inside an oak tree after he was defeated by Cromwell during the Battle of Worcester in 1651. He lived in exile for at least ten years before returning to the kingdom. His birthday became a self-proclaimed public holiday, called Royal Oak day, and needless to say the Royal Oak was named after him.

Another brief moment in history pertaining to the oak tree includes the story of the ship the Mary Rose. The story of this oak ship does not have as happy of an ending as the story of the naming of the Royal Oak. However, it is very significant in many ways.

On July 19th, 1545 the Mary Rose sunk in the water as King Henry VIII's army attempted to cross from Spithead fight French invaders. Unfortunately the entire ship sunk, and over time the pieces, including the hull were located. The entire ship is now sits a short ways from Lord Nelson's flagship HMS Victory in Portsmouth's Naval Dockyard.

Again, the problem with the Mary Rose was not the wood that was used to create it, but rather the way it was constructed. Oak has long been a choice for many water vessels made in earlier times, and the Mary Rose just happened to be an unfortunate case in which the ship failed to protect the passengers. Ordinarily people had made it safe across the waters aboard a ship.

Overall the oak tree is a very strong and sturdy wood, and represents many things, including that of the concept of longevity, and of wisdom. This is a tree that stands the test of time.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Day Spa Services For Detoxification And Relaxation

Do you want to feel relaxed and at the same time look good and stay healthy? If you want all of these to happen within just a couple of hours in a day, then what you need are some day spa services. Read further if you want to know what specific services can help you.

You have probably been working for a great part of the week, and you definitely would appreciate a little bit of unwinding and not worrying about work even if just for a few hours. It is a great thing that there are day spas scattered all over your town or city and you should not have a hard time finding one that suits your needs.

Here are some of the day spa services that not only can help you feel relaxed, but also stay healthy.

1. Body wraps

There are body wraps that are designed to help you detoxify your body. What it does is it releases the toxins that your body have accumulated through constant exposure to pollution as well as with the bad foods that you eat. Aside from that, there are also wraps that can help you lose some inches. These are applied on the specific parts of your body that you would like to trim down.

2. Massage services

There are varieties of massages that you can choose from, each with a specific purpose although most of these are to help you relax and relieve tension from your body. Some of the more popular ones are: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, and reflexology.

3. Facial treatments

Most often people will judge your health by how your face looks. Just one stare at you and they can tell if you are stressed out or if you are perfectly fine, as if you have no worries in life. Start having that more refreshing countenance whenever you meet people by having a facial done on you every now and then.

Some of these facial treatments that you may want to give a try are: collagen facials, organic seaweed facials, microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peel, back facial, and acne facial. Of course there are more varieties and most spas have their own signature facials.

4. Pedicures and manicures

To some people, having a very clean set of nails is already a form of relaxation for them. Especially if they get some of these nail services that are meant to make your nails look more beautiful and presentable. But with day spas, you can get more than just a polish. You can get something like a therapeutic manicure which is often paired with a type of massage. Now who says you cannot be pretty and relaxed at the same time?

5. Hydrotherapy

There are some day spa services that are also offering hydrotherapy. Now this one is a bit broad because basically anything that uses water as its main tool to get you relaxed or detoxified can fall under this category. There are hydrotherapies to help clean your colon, lungs, and sinuses. There are also those that simply helps to open up your pores. Just ask your spa attendant which one is best for you.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre-Wedding Pampering

One of the nicest things about being a bride is that you have the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. Talking a little time off for relaxation is also an excellent way to ease the stress and tension of planning a wedding. Be sure to schedule a few trips to your favorite spa for some pre-wedding pampering.

There are so many wonderful spa treatments available these days; every bride should indulge herself in at least a few of them. Many of the treatments will not only help you relax, but they can also help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Body treatments are perfect for brides wearing strapless gowns. Try a seaweed wrap to detoxify and purify the skin, or an exfoliating scrub to restore a radiant glow. (Of course, do not try any new type of spa service the week of your wedding, in case of an adverse reaction.) If you are prone to "backne", there are also many spas that offer "back facials". Start on a regular course of treatments at least six months before your wedding to ensure nice clear skin for your big day.

Naturally, every bride wants her face to have a healthy glow, and there are many spa treatments aimed at achieving just that. Facials can range from very basic (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize) to moderate (add in extractions) to complete (microdermabrasion and chemical peels). If you are opting for the more involved type of facial, be sure that the esthetician is an expert. For the most noticeable results, treat yourself to monthly visits. After all, your face is always worth the investment!

Manicures and pedicures are another favorite form of pre-wedding pampering. Regular manicures are a necessary indulgence throughout your engagement, because you wouldn't want chipped fingernails to distract from the beauty of your fabulous engagement ring. And pedicures, well, pedicures are just fun. Even if you will be wearing closed toed shoes for your wedding, you will still feel better knowing that the feet inside them are smooth and cute.

Another top pick by brides is a relaxing massage. When the stress of the wedding gets to be too much, retreat to the spa for an hour. You will come out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next task. A basic relaxing massage is Swedish massage, but there are also other types of massage to try. If you are prone to heavy duty knots in your shoulders, you might want to try a deep tissue massage. Be warned though: you will be sore afterwards! Hot stone massage is a great way to melt the tension right out of your body, and there is also Thai massage, and couples massage where you and your fiance can both get a rub down at the same time (done by one massage therapist per person).

Brides are not the only people who will enjoy some pampering at the spa before the wedding. Spa days are very popular for bridal parties as well. They can be a great alternative to a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Sometimes brides will also treat her bridesmaids to a pedicure as a special thank you before the wedding. Pedicure parties can also be held in someone's home. The nail technician comes to your house, and the whole bridal party can enjoy pedicures while sipping Champagne.

A spa day is the perfect time to give your attendants their bridesmaid gifts. It could be fun to choose a gift that ties in with the theme of the spa, such as a personalized cosmetic bag. To make the gift even better, fill the bag with mini sized luxury lotions and a pair of Swarovski crystal bridesmaid earrings that she can wear at your wedding.

Every bride deserves a little pampering before her wedding. Indulge yourself in your favorite spa treatment at least a few times before your big day. You will gracefully glide into your wedding day feeling relaxed, serene, and beautiful.

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"Best Of The Road" Review Of 36 Oaks

Thirty-six Oaks Spa may take you a little while to find, but believe me, it's worth seeking out. It's not in a conventional location; it's in a house on a few acres down a country road. You'll be greeted warmly (and inpretentiously) with some citrus iced tea. Do take some time to stroll the grounds and enjoy Linda's flowers and garden. The services here are first rate and your needs and wishes are honored. The service is friendly yet very professional. I had an expert massage, exfoilation, and facial. It's called the serenity package and it was heavenly. I felt so much better when it was over that I was surprised when I glanced in a mirror and I still looked the same. What came next was gourmet bread and cheese, home made chicken salad and tiramisu by the pool and waterfall. A fabulous and memorable experience. What are you waiting for? You deserve a trip to 36 Oaks.

by Rand McNally

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Couples Massages In Day Spas

With the focus more on more on couples taking time out to reconnect and rejuvenate, couples massages have become a major trend in many day spas.

Done with two massage therapists, both clients (wife and husband, two friends or Mum and daughter) experience a massage session each at the same time. Day spas have now set up special couple massage rooms with two tables especially so these clients can enjoy the experience of a relaxing massage together.

The styles of massage can vary depending on the client. Sometimes one person will have a deep tissue, remedial style massage whilst the other one may have a more relaxation Swedish style massage. The main element with the couples massage is that is a shared experience, and a way for couples to take some time out of their everyday lives and rejuvenate their bodies. The intention is that this shared experience will bring the couple closer together, allowing them to reconnect with each other without the distractions of the outside world.

Couples who have massages together also enjoy many physical health benefits which can not only benefit them physically them but also bring feelings of relaxation and well being.

Massage increases the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the body, the "feel good chemicals" that is important for sleep, they slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and helps your body heal. Research at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine show these chemicals also reduce depression, stress and anxiety. Massage has also been shown to reduce PMS and mood swings.

Massage also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is the stress hormone in the body. Couples who get massages at the same time experience feelings of deep relaxation and well being at the same time, allowing an opportunity for them to relax together and reconnect.

Couples massages have also become a way for couples to enjoy a "time out" with each other, similar to going away for a short vacation or going to a restaurant for dinner. Often couples massages are booked as a celebration, for example for a birthday or anniversary. With soothing music in the background, the relaxation of two massages at the same time, and a glass of champagne afterwards, day spas are promoting these as mini romantic getaway, suited to busy people who need some quiet time with each other.

Couples massage are also not just for husband and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends. Often they are popular with mothers and daughters wanting to enjoy a relaxing experience together, or two girlfriends wanting to spend some time together. They can also be a great way to introduce someone to massage who has not had one before. Sometimes sharing that first time massage can reduce apprehension. Most men find that after having a couples massage with their partner they are more likely to then book a massage on their own.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Frequently Should You Be Getting A Massage?

How frequently should I be getting a massage is a question that massage therapists very often get from clients. The glib answer to this question is as often as you can afford the time and the money. However, a more useful approach is to consider the specific requirements of the person asking the question. What are they looking for from the sessions? What physical (and/or psychological) benefits are they looking to obtain? What challenges they face in daily life through work environment or sporting challenges?

For the majority of people who do not have an injuries and are just looking for massage to be 'routine maintenance' then booking a massage around once a month is a good starting point. This fits in with most peoples timetables/budgets and is easy to maintain the required commitment e.g. 'I Have my massage on the first Monday of the month'. If you do commence a monthly schedule then, if there are no changes in physical and psychological stresses during the month, your body will start to tell you it's getting time for your massage.

For those who work is physically demanding or is just plain stressful then having massages more regularly may be the way to go. A useful guideline if starting with a new therapist is to start with weekly massages for 3 or 4 sessions and then start to try and stretch it out further to say two weeks between massages. At this stage some people decide that this interval is too large and go back to weekly appointments. Others try to stretch it out further towards monthly appointments. Others rely on their awareness of how their body feels to time when they book a massage. This is particularly relevant if they suffer from changing physical and mental stress levels. This all pre-supposes that they have found a therapist that they are happy with. If after the first few massages they do not feel that they are making the progress they would like then it may be worth considering trying a different therapist.

People who are highly physically active, for example, performing sport at an elite level require different guidelines. How often they should be benefitting from massage will depend on the amount they are training, if they are injured, if a competition is close, etc. Many elite sports teams book weekly massages from suitably skilled sports massage therapists. Those suffering from injuries will have more frequent appointments. Some sportspeople believe that they require massage very regularly (even daily) so that they can train and compete at the highest level they can. This does not have to necessarily be an hour long massage and can be tailored to very specific muscle groups/requirements. In fact, even self massage may be an option for those who are unable to get to see a suitable therapist.

To conclude, getting regular massages from a therapist who you believe is providing the benefits you demand is great for physiological and psychological wellbeing. If you are after routine maintenance then begin by having very frequent massages and then after a few sessions start to stretch it out until your body tells you it's time for your massage.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Acorn Becomes Oak Tree In Timelapse Video

The growth of a tree takes place so slowly that, in real time, it's impossible to observe. British filmmaker Neil Bromhall decided to speed up the eight-month process of an acorn becoming an oak with timelapse photography.

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