Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hot Stone Massage Explained

Hot stone massage is a popular combination of a light massage technique aided by hot stones for relaxing stiff and tension muscles all over the patient' body. Swedish massage is probably the most commonly used massage therapy for this type of therapeutic massage as it is done in a gentle and smooth manner. The most common type of stone used on the patient's body is basalt rock. The reason for this is because of its ability to retain heat for a long time unlike the other stones. These stones are usually sanitized before being used on the patient's body.
The person responsible for making this massage type popular all over the world is an Arizona massage therapist named Mary Nelson. However, this massage technique is used for many centuries ago as an alternative medicine to promote a healthy condition. La-Stone Therapy was a modified version of hot stone massaged developed by Mary Nelson.
The basalt or other types of stones used are usually placed on a preheated water container until they reach the desirable and appropriate temperature suitable for this type of therapeutic massage. An electric heating device is commonly used as it is more convenient to heat things there than any other type of heating device. Stones that are not warm enough or lost their warmth are replaced and immersed back in the water and heated again in the electric heating device.
In a hot stone massage therapy session, the process is similar with any of the conventional massage therapy where the patient is required to undress and comfortably lie down on the massage bed. However, unlike the other massage styles, hot stone massage starts its therapy by warming up the patient's body with the help of hot stones positioned on the various meridian points located all over the body. The warmth of these stones helps a lot in releasing tension and calming the body parts of the patient as a preparation for a good massage therapy. The massage therapist also uses oil or lotion as a lubricant on the patient's body for a smooth and friction-free manipulation of the various massage strokes. The therapist has the liberty of using hot stones placed on both hands as he or she massages the patient. These stones are replaced with new stones in case the heat doesn't meet the appropriate temperature required for this massage therapy method. Most of the time during a massage session, the massage therapist doesn't remove the hot stones on the patient's body key points as he or she works all over the body.
Many people are getting hooked with this type of massage therapy because of its wonderful effect on the patient's body after the massage therapy session. This type of massage therapy is suitable for individuals who prefer to relax with a lighter and gentler massage therapy. People with body pain often find this technique relieving, relaxing and energizing. It is also a good way of removing emotional and physical stress by getting your energy re-balanced for a healthier body condition.
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Spa Day Gift Certificates Make Great Christmas Presents!

36 Oaks Country Retreat Spa,Vacaville,California

Don't know what to get that special someone for Christmas? Try a gift certificate from 36 Oaks Country Retreat! We have individual spa treatments or packages to choose from. Everyone loves to be pampered.....this is the perfect gift for everyone on your list! It's convenient too, you can purchase them directly from our website

A La Carte Services & Pricing:

All listed times of massages represent the actual hands on activity.

30 Minute Massage                            

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Herbal Facial Massage - 30 minutes

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Body Polish & Rehydration


Aromatherapy Tub Soak

Hand & Foot Treatment

Paraffin Hand|Foot

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Benefits of Massage Therapy

A good massage can provide increased circulation, relaxation and relief from tension and knots in the body, in addition to increased flexibility and range of motion. Find out about the health benefits of massage therapy in this free instructional video on massage techniques from a professional massage therapist.

Friday, November 18, 2011

News From 36 Oaks

Along with the changing of the seasons, we have several changes here at 36 Oaks.

  • An awesome new website...please check it out. The team at Upward Trend did such great work. Thank you so much!!
  • A new staff member, Danielle RowLee, a Certified Massage Therapist. To introduce her, I am offering massages from her for $49.00 for the month of November through December 15th - Monday thru Friday.
  • New hair products by LuLu. I just love the shampoo and conditioner. What a difference in my hair...unbelievable.

-Linda and Staff


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Check Out Our Holiday Specials!

 Christmas Garland
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Quiet Please!!!

Do you ever feel like screaming this out? There is even a medical reason to "Take Five". Constant stimulation from the outside world, and just all the noise around us can keep the body in a flight-or-fight mode. The stress hormones from the over abundance of external stimulation, can raise your blood pressure, heart rate and cause that annoying stiff neck, indigestion and anxiety. You will find a more cheerful self after practicing, "take five". I find it impossible to be creative without my quiet time. Almost every nook in the retreat here, cozy sitting areas, landscape ideas, were created in my mind and put in writing on a tablet, when on vacation. I would be so excited to get home and install another quaint area in nature here. You can become more in tune with your thoughts and daydreams when you are not using all your energy to juggle the demands and noise around us. Personally, I need nature to find peace, just watching the birds, lizards, deer wandering. For others, it might be just having your favorite cup of coffee, reading a book, taking a nap. If you think you don't have time for this, think again. You will be more productive and make better use of your time, when you take time to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I was inspired to share these thoughts, by a recent "Daily Inspiration" from Terry Minion about noise.

I personally invite you to leave your phone at home, come out to Thirty Six Oaks, find a hiding spot, and "take five  or ten " or even twenty minutes now and then, to recharge and enjoy the quiet!!

Linda Tipton

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot Stone Massage - The Cool and Hot Way to Relax

Nowadays, there have been many ways and means that spas and clinics utilize in order to establish pain relief and elimination of stress. One of the newest is the hot stone massage. Swedish or other types of massages practiced in the spa can be even more relaxing, and combined with the effective techniques of a skilled massage therapist, a treatment incorporated with hot stones proves to be more successful, satisfying, and pain-free.

The origins of hot stone massage can be traced back to the ancient Romans, Chinese, and Indians who used stones that are heated manually at high temperatures. The heat from the stones is transferred to the body to stimulate physical and psychological relaxation. Lighter-colored stones are also utilized for cold stone therapy, to soothe and refresh the muscles of the back. It also relaxes the body on a hot day, preventing hot flushes and symptoms of fever or malaise.

Hot stone massage therapy has gathered positive reviews in such a short span of time because majority of individuals who are into massage often have it incorporated with their regular massage sessions. And a large proportion of people with back or neck problems who are regularly visiting their massage therapist also ask that stone massage be included in their treatment plan. These two therapeutic techniques may very well become effective in easing pain, tension, and stress.

Hot stone massage works by:
• Improving blood flow
• Decreasing tension and depression
• Relieving pain
• Lessening joint stiffness and muscle spasms
• Non-invasive, all-natural techniques
• Increasing flexibility

When you go into a massage clinic or a spa, you go with the hope that you will feel better and look better, and that is one of the most important goals of any massage, which stone massage therapy efficiently delivers. Using hot stones over the spine, legs, and other parts of the body enables the body to lay back, relax, and heal on its own. A set of heated stones are arranged along the spine while the legs are stroked gently using a smooth hot stone. Also, stones are placed on the areas of the body that are not being massaged. A relaxing technique that stone massage therapists also do is to have the individual hold a stone in each of his palms while the arms are being rubbed with heated, healing stones. What a great way to start and end a day!

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