Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spoil Yourself with the Serenity Package

Serenity Package (4 hours) 
Full One Hour Massage
Salt Glow, Tub Soak 
Herbal Facial Massage 
Catered Snack 

For One: $185.00 For Two: $355.00

Available at 36 Oaks Country Retreat! It is nestled in a grove of majestic oak trees on Gibson Canyon Road. It is an oasis of relaxation and natural beauty in the Vacaville countryside. A lovely country cottage setting on two and a half acres, with wild ferns growing in the shade. It is not uncommon to see deer wandering through, an occasional raccoon or even a fox.
Call today to schedule your appointment!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pre-Wedding Pampering at 36 Oaks Country Retreat

36 Oaks Country Retreat offers pre-wedding pampering! Call today to schedule your appointment. 707-447-8037

Bridal Retreat
Send your bridal party out for a day of pampering. The retreat would be reserved just for you and your guests. Pamper yourselves all day with spa treatments, cool drinks, snack trays, and the serenity of the country setting.


Or... the Bride and Groom might enjoy an evening of pampering before the wedding day.

*call for pricing

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anti Aging Tips: Hot Stone Massage

Modern Science has revealed that we humans are responsible for 80% of our aging. The other 20% is determined by our genes. It was also discovered that we do age much more rapidly due to the many body toxins trapped within our body for days, months, sometimes even years. One of the causes of body toxin production is stress. The other causes are alkaline-poor diets, environmental toxins and medication.

Stress is with us almost on a daily basis, sometimes more and sometimes less. It creates body toxins that the body needs to neutralize. For that task it needs minerals. If it doesn't get those minerals from food it takes it out of bones, scalp, capillaries, etc. Once those toxins are neutralized we need to aid the body in flushing them out by drinking plenty of water and through movement in form of some exercise or massage.

One of the most successful toxin-removing treatments are manual lymph drainages. For the purpose of providing you with anti-stress and anti aging tips, I am going to introduce the Hot Stone Massage. Whether you are looking for your fountain of youth or simply want to decrease your stress level, a hot stone massage makes your perfect companion. It is a fascinating combination of energy work, massage and the soothing effect of hot stones. It is an old traditional treatment method in which the well-being can be increased to a physical, mental and spiritual level.

A hot stone massage is more than just a regular massage. It is the luxury version of a typical Swedish Massage. Once you have had a Hot Stone Treatment you won't really want to go back to a normal massage.

A Hot Stone Massage will loosen adhesive tissue promoting flexibility, remove toxins and increase circulation and lymph flow to help you gain super vitality. The warmth and the energetic power of the basalt rocks will penetrate deep within the body unblocking stagnated energy. It is the stagnated energy stuck deep within our bodies that cause physical as well as emotional restrictions. It does take special techniques and a trained and institutional therapist to remove such stagnated energies.

Most people will report being extremely relaxed and rejuvenated with less weight on their shoulders after a Hot Stone Massage. You don't have to do anything but just lay there and enjoy this fantastic treatment while the therapist will help you unwind and the warm rock's energy guide you into deep relaxation. And relaxation is necessary to promote healing.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is A Swedish Massage Right For You?

Swedish massages are one of the most well-known and popular types of massage. But what is it? And what makes it Swedish? They were developed by Swedes Pehr Henrik Ling and Johann Mezger, and is unique in that it uses flowing strokes, circular movements and hand kneading to increase the circulation of blood flow throughout the body. These motions enhance blood flow to the heart and result in various physical benefits. Swedish massage is also known as classic massage in some parts of the world.

It is characterized by five basic massage strokes. They are known as:
  • Friction
  • Tapotement
  • Pestrissage
  • Vibration
  • Effleurage
Friction is the application of firm pressure in tight, circular motions to loosen the knots that can be found in muscles and nerves. Tapotement involves massaging the client's body from the edge of the hand. With Pestrissage, the practitioner applies a pressure to the underlying muscles in an effective way. Swedish massage therapists also use quick shaking movements to vibrate the muscles, which is known as Vibration. The light strokes applied by massage therapists to encourage the blood flow are known as Effleurage.

The therapists generally apply oil or cream to minimize the friction and provide smooth strokes for the client. Therapists create a relaxing and comfortable environment before starting the treatment.
During the massage, the client should not be distracted by any external factor. That is why the massage therapist selects a quiet and calm environment with dim lighting. These external factors have the potential to augment the benefits of your massage.

Practitioners have a professional table that is specifically designed for the massage. It provides adequate support to all the body's muscles. First, the therapist will focus on your larger muscle groups, such as the back, legs, shoulders and neck.

Therapists usually start the massage at the shoulders, as this has been shown to maximize the effects of Swedish massage. Because Swedish massage is a full body massage, the therapist will provide the treatment to all muscles of the body.

There is no doubt that Swedish massage is so popular due to its effectiveness. It enhances blood circulation, which benefits all the organs in your body. It relieves the pressure that can be found in joints. It leaves the body relaxed and muscles looser. Swedish massage also reduces the body's overall stress level by manipulating hormone levels.

As with all massage, in order to get the full benefits of a Swedish massage, you will need to see a licensed massage professional.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming This Summer...Music on the Lawn!

 Music on the lawn

*Easy listening . . . . . . . . local artists

Once or twice a month watch for details in April

A delightful, serene event away from the city lights and noise!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

36 Oaks is Celebrating Spa Week - Don't Miss Out On These Amazing Deals!

Thirty Six Oaks is celebrating Spa Week by offering $50 treatments 

Beginning this Friday and ending March 31st 
(ooops - that is two weeks - oh well who is counting!!!!) 

Any hour treatment regularly $65 or more is - yes $50!! 

And - to go a step farther - 

Any half hour treatment is $25 


One hour specialized facial regular price up to $85 - now $50 

An hour massage regular price $65 - now $50 

A half hour facial regular $45 - now $25 

A half hour massage regular $35 - now $25 

 The weather is awesome! 
Come on in for this special price - bring a picnic and enjoy the serenity for an extra hour!!! 
(No extra charge for the extra time) 

 It may not be TAX RELIEF but it is definitely MENTAL RELIEF!!! 

Prices are good 6 days a week 
Sunday through Friday 
(Saturday excluded) 

Special Spa Week Prices Not Valid With Any Other Offer

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hot Stone Massage And The Uses

Hot stone massage is a type of massage that uses smooth flat heated stones. This type of massage is used for many different things such as:

• Stress and anxiety
• Bad or poor circulation
• Arthritis pain
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Back aches and pain

Hot stone massage is sought after by those who suffer with tension and stress. The warmth of the rocks helps to relax you and your muscles. Many people book this time of massage when they work in a high stress job. This helps to clear the mind and reduce the stress level.

For those who do not know how hot stone massage here is a quick overview. In most cases the massage therapist will use a oil to help the stones glide across the skin. This oil also helps when the massage therapist needs to work on the different muscles. After the oil is placed on the skin the stones are then placed at certain key areas. For those who are uneasy about the use of "hot" stone, there is no need to be anxious. The stones are placed in a machine or warming unit. When the therapist is ready for them she/he will remove the stones and hold them in the bare hand. This is to make sure that the stones are not too warm. If you have a lower threshold to heat then be sure to tell the therapist. If the stones are placed on your skin and you are uncomfortable then speak up right away. Hot stone massage should be relaxing and not stressful or uncomfortable. Your comfort should be number one with any type of massage.

The average hot stone massage will usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. This is your time to relax and unwind and forget about the troubles that plague reality. The price of massage will vary from business to business. Be sure to call ahead and ask any questions that you may have. One of the best things a person looking to begin spa services is to visit the spa before the day of your appointment.

Visiting the spa is a great way to meet the staff and ask questions. How clean does the spa look? What other services do they offer? Are they a medical day spa? Medical day spas will normally have higher standards that have to be followed and adhered to. Don't pick a place to have your massage based on price alone. Paying a bit more can quite possibly keep you from getting sick or an infection. The day spa needs to have the best sterilization procedures and follow those procedures. Do not be afraid to ask questions about sterilization.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ohh La La Your Body Knows The Benefits Of Spa Treatments

Spa treatment is becoming more and more popular these days. Spa treatment is not limited to beautification purpose, it offers several other benefits and this is one of the main reasons why most spa treatment is gaining such popularity. It can help to reduce stress, soothes your muscles, and provide overall relaxation for your mind and body. Visiting the spa provides an effective way of escapism from your tight work schedule to a world that is quiet and peaceful.

Most spas offer various treatments and it is vital from your part to select the best that suits your needs. Some of the most popular treatments include Massages, Facials, and full Body treatment.

Massaging is considered as an effective technique of body treatment. Massaging helps to lighten muscle rigidity, cramps, or tremors and help to alleviate tension and anxiety.

Types of massages

There are several types of massages that execute various functions for your body. The different types of massages include:

Swedish massage

Swedish massage includes a wide range of techniques for muscle relaxation. This is achieved by applying pressure to them against bones and muscles. Swedish massage helps to boost the oxygen flow in the blood and releases the pollutants from your muscles.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is performed on the deeper layers of one's muscle tissue. This helps to releases chronic muscle tension from one's body. Deep tissue massage allows proper circulation of blood and oxygen and releases toxins from your muscles. It also helps to eliminate scar tissues.

Sports massage

Sports massage is exclusively designed for sports personnel. A sports massage is done to reduce tension and stress, which develops in the body's soft tissues mainly during bodily strain. It can be done before, during, or after an athletic event. Sports massage helps the athletes to reduce muscle tension, relieve swelling, and drain away exhaustion.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is a very useful and effective spa treatment. During aromatherapy massage one need to inhale essential oils through the mucosa of the nose and mouth. It is found that this type of massage offers several emotional and mental benefits.

Facial treatments

Facial treatments help to clean and cleanse the skin by dropping dead skin cells. Facials increase the smoothness of skin and maintain a good hydrated skin. There are different types of facial treatments. Such as:

Oxygenating Facial - This treatment is perfect for those with dull looking skin. This type of facial features a vitamin formula that helps to restore tired skin.

Deep-Cleansing Facial - this type of facial is targeted to skin type that generally utilizes a gentle botanical peel with essential oils.

D.N.A. Facial: this is a unique treatment for the skin, which helps to restore collagen. This helps to nourish tired skin.

Sea Beauty Facial - this facial treatment helps to re-vitalizes one's skin.

Body Treatment

Almost all spas offer body treatments. Body treatments are considered very important to your body as it helps to hydrate, nourish, and remove dirt from the inside your pores. Body wrap, body scrub, and body mask treatments are some of the most popular body treatments.

Body wraps may include moor herbal therapy treatment. Body scrub consists of massaging of the person's skin with a blend of oil, salt, and aromatics like lemon. This eliminates the dirt from your skin and makes it smooth and soft. A body mask usually follows a body scrub.

To conclude, spa treatments prove to be a very effective way to provide relaxation for your mind and body. It is a perfect way to get relief from the strain of this high-tech world. Do your body a favor, and treat it to a spa treatment that it is right for you. Your body will be saying ooh la la!

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Come discover what relaxing spa treatments  
36 Oaks Country Retreat has to offer!
36 Oaks Country Retreat is nestled in a grove of majestic oak trees on Gibson Canyon Road. A lovely country cottage setting on two and a half acres, with wild ferns growing in the shade. It is not uncommon to see deer wandering through, an occasional raccoon or even a fox.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Are you looking for something unique to do for your daughter's birthday? Try a Spa Party!

Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Have your daughter feel like a princess on her special day, at the area's only Country Retreat. Whether it's a few friends or a group, make it a day she'll remember forever. Day includes but not limited to:

Gentle pineapple herbal facials
Paraffin fun dip
Chocolate fountain with strawberries
Snacks and punch
$275.00 for five girls
Additional girls at $55.00 
*prices subject to vary

36 Oaks Country Retreat
6963 Gibson Canyon Road
Vacaville, CA 95688
Open 7 Days By Appointment Only