Friday, February 27, 2015

Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Are you looking for something unique to do for your daughter's birthday? Try a Spa Party!

Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Have your daughter feel like a princess on her special day, at the area's only Country Retreat. Whether it's a few friends or a group, make it a day she'll remember forever. Day includes but not limited to:

Gentle pineapple herbal facials
Paraffin fun dip
Chocolate fountain with strawberries
Snacks and punch
$275.00 for five girls
Additional girls at $55.00 
*prices subject to vary

36 Oaks Country Retreat
6963 Gibson Canyon Road
Vacaville, CA 95688
Open 7 Days By Appointment Only

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Connecting With Nature is an Intelligent, Healthy Lifestyle Choice

This is a recommendation I regularly give to patients, especially if they're feeling chronically stressed or anxious. It's a simple step, yet so powerful. It's getting outside and connecting with nature!

This may seem like a peculiar "health and happiness" recommendation to make! But, this was a vital component when I needed to re-create overall balance, happiness and health in my life following a very stressful period. For me, the outdoors is one of the critical pieces to the puzzle. Regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is, I feel it's a necessary component of balanced living for all of us.

I don't believe we were intended to live in the captivity of our workplaces, cars, shopping malls and homes. We are part of nature - part of the entire ecosystem. In my opinion, we need to stay connected to it in order to achieve overall balance. Personally, I thrive when I get outside every single day. Easier said than done when it's insanely cold and miserable out!

I'd say it's well worth my effort though. I notice that my thinking is clearer, I have more energy and a much better attitude when I do this. Fresh air is healing and energizing, as is natural light. Our bodies and minds don't function at their optimal levels in stale, indoor air and artificial lighting, day in and day out.

I do as much as I can outside: I take the kids out for play time, exercise and meals. We've done plenty of home school lessons while sitting outside. I do my morning rituals out on the dock in the spring through fall. I read outside when I get the chance. As often as possible I do my cardio exercise outside. I actually like the widely varying weather conditions that Michigan provides!

On days that it's too dangerous to exercise outside, or just too miserable to do much of anything outside, I have a quick little routine I do. I step out onto our deck, look up at the big pine trees next to me and take a few deep breaths of fresh air as I do some nice lengthening stretches. I look up at the sky, look out at the lake... take another deep breath as I appreciate all the natural beauty. Then I run inside! I can even recall a couple times when I just opened the window to do this routine. Must have been pretty cold!

In those glorious spring, summer and fall months, the benefits of the outdoors are obvious. Sunshine offers the healing benefits of light itself, as well as vitamin D. We also tend to exercise and stay more active during these months. We eat outside, work outside and play outside. Fair weather fans, we are! The crisp air of winter has a unique blessing of its own - not much else can invigorate you so quickly! Plus, frozen nostrils just remind you how alive you are, don't they?!

Action Step:

Make the effort to get outside and connect with nature every single day. If (you think) your only chance to get outside is while you're rushing to and from your car during your busy routine, then allow at least 30 extra seconds in your routine to stop the craziness and connect with nature in some small way. Look up at a tree, listen to the birds, feel the breeze or smell a flower.

Another one of my "but-I'm-so-busy" favorites is to crack the window in the car while sitting at a stop light and just look around you at the sky and the trees. Yes, I'm still paying attention to the traffic conditions! The sky is different every single day - even when it's gray! Take some deep breaths and soak it all in.

You are becoming a fully balanced, completely healthy human being! Enjoy the process!

Until next time, Be Happy, Be Well and Smile!

Are you confused by the overwhelming, often contradictory health information these days? Concerned that your family may not be as healthy as they could be? So you feel stressed out and exhausted... and just too darn tired to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes? I'm here to help! My name is Dr. Colleen Trombley, also known as Dr. Mom Online. I have a knack for simplifying Health and helping busy women restore balance to their lives. (Of course, nearly every single thing I teach also applies to men! Don't worry, guys!) I've written a FREE special report called "The Busy Mom's Secret Formula for Becoming Vibrantly Healthy, Happy & Fit While Raising a Naturally Healthy Family... The Stress Free Approach To Overcoming The 4 Major Roadblocks That Sabotage Every Mom's Best Intentions!" The simple strategy and tips revealed in this report could be just what the doctor ordered... Dr. Mom Online, that is! To request your free report, and to start creating the healthy and happy life you deserve, go to []
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Relaxation Is So Important

If you feel overwhelmed and overtired a lot of the time and never take any time away from work or domestic chores then what you need is more relaxation in your life. You may be horrified at the suggestion and tell me that there is far too much to do but there are positive advantages of making relaxation a regular part of your day to day activities that I urge you to do more or some if you don't relax ever at the moment.

Why is relaxation so important?

It gives your body a chance to renew itself.

Quite literally when you are relaxed you give your heart and other internal organs a chance to renew and re-build their structure.

You rest your heart and breathing

When you are fully relaxed your breathing becomes very slow and shallow and your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure lowers too. All of these give your body a chance to rest and recover from whatever activity you have been doing. If you have been using your muscles strenuously and there has been a build up of lactic acid in them then a periods of relaxation will help to remove this and allow your muscles to recover.

It allows your mind to rest

During relaxation you can let your thoughts and worries float away. When you do this perhaps by concentrating on your breath going in and out slowly you may also find that suddenly a thought comes into your mind which is an answer to some problem you've been puzzling over for some time.

It allows you to connect with your spiritual side.

You may or may not be part of formal religion but when you are in a state of relaxation you may become away of the power of nature or a higher force or being, according to your beliefs. This can help to give you a sense of proportion and meaning and enable you to think about your life and what you hope to achieve with all your rushing about. As a result at the end of some relaxation you will feel refreshed and calmer and more able to face the trials and tribulations of your day and also to get things more in proportion in relation to their importance within the grand scheme of the universe.

So remember relaxation is very important. Relax for a few minutes every day and you will soon feel the benefits.

Download '15 Ways to change your life' from and discover ways to make a difference to your life.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Special

Our favorite Relaxation Massage Package
A four hour stay including a 70 minute massage with
Steamy towel application and rehydration,  and
S'mores by the firepit!!  $85.00

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still Need To Find That Perfect Valentine's Day Gift?

If you're a procrastinator and are in a panic trying to think of the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, worry no longer, 36 Oaks Country Retreat has the perfect thing! Get that special someone in your life a spa gift certificate! 

Everyone needs an hour or two to relax, and with so many different spa treatments to choose from, a spa gift certificate is sure to make even the hardest person to shop for happy! 

Don't wait another minute, go to our website now to purchase your spa day gift certificate!

Monday, February 9, 2015

February Girlfriends Spa Escape

 February Girlfriends Spa Escape

A three hour stay including:
An hour massage, Cranberry Pomegranate
Body polish, s'mores by the fire pit!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Romantic Escape for Two Special - Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Say I Love You with a Spa Day  the 36 Oaks way, in the serene country cottage setting.  Enjoy our Valentine's Day specials all of February.

 Romantic Escape for Two Special
A three hour stay including:
Side by side massages, s'mores by
The fire pit in our snuggly robes!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Discovering Happiness Through Rest and Relaxation

To experience life at it best and live a life full of peace and contentment, you need to make a conscious effort to bring some down time into your day and be in the moment with assorted techniques related to rest and relaxation. Once you feel the deep satisfaction from really enjoying a peaceful moment or two every day, you will attain a deeper connection with yourself that can ultimately be the source of a firm and unwavering feeling of happiness with life.

Relaxation techniques release stress and strain from our body and ease our minds, freeing both to function at their best.

  • When you are troubled or worried, take a few minutes to focus on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Feel the temperature sensations of your breath. Bring your breath all the way to your ribs and notice your rib cage expanding and contracting. Try to breath with this focus for 5-10 minutes.
  • Listening to water, in its many forms, is a relaxing way to connect with nature. Close your eyes and be still in a quiet place. Focus on the sound of raindrops hitting a roof, rain gushing from an eaves trough, water connecting with water at a waterfall, water trickling against a fountain or a rivers current pushing water over rocks. Listening to rain or water will generally be one of those spontaneous moments of relaxing - you must take the moment when it comes, not just create the moment when you make time for it. Although natural is always better, there are some great CD's of rain, thunderstorms and flowing water that still provide that nurturing spirit of nature.

Build rest into your life and you will give yourself more quality time for enjoying the good things in life. Rest can mean going to bed early or sleeping in whenever you can. This is short term resting. It is also important to plan some lengthier resting, such as an extended weekend where you sleep as long as your body wants and you're able to do the things that are pleasurable and calming for you.

These techniques will help you in connecting the spiritual, mental and physical elements of yourself. By having a deeper connection with your whole self you are better able to connect with the people and situations in life that will bring you a deep seated joy that can't be diminished by external circumstances.

Stephanie's connection to nature and its life enhancing gifts have been the inspiration to help others connect and care for the outdoors and in turn connect and care for themselves. To discover ways to empower yourself and enhance your mind, body and spirit visit Spiritual Life Balance []
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