Wednesday, February 26, 2014

36 Oaks Country Retreat Testimonial

Thirth-six Oaks Spa may take you a little while to find, but believe me, it's worth seeking out. It's not in a conventional location; it's in a house on a few acres down a country road. You'll be greeted warmly (and unpretentiously) with some citrus iced tea. Do take some time to stroll the grounds and enjoy Linda's flowers and garden. The services here are first rate and your needs and wishes are honored. The service is friendly yet very professional. I had an expert massage, exfoliation, and facial. It's called the serenity package and it was heavenly. I felt so much better when it was over that I was surprised when I glanced in a mirror and I still looked the same. What came next was gourmet bread and cheese, home made chicken salad and tiramisu by the pool and waterfall. A fabulous and memorable experience. What are you waiting for? You deserve a trip to 36 Oaks.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Deep Tissue Massage Myth

Many people believe deep tissue massage is supposed to be painful in order to be beneficial. As the saying goes, "No Pain, No Gain", does not always apply to massage. In fact, many people fall into a deeper state of relaxation when they receive a deep tissue massage.

So what is a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage involves the manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissues of the body. It requires the massage therapist to melt into the tissue before reaching these deep layers by warming up the superficial layers of muscle that are on top. Reaching the deep layers of muscle and soft tissue may not always be accomplished in the first session. Depending on each particular situation, the session may have to be modified in order to keep the client comfortable so they do not unknowingly or unconsciously resist the work.

Our muscles have a natural reflex reaction to resist pain. When a muscle thinks it is about to be injured, this reflex is triggered. When too much pressure is applied, for example, during a massage, the muscle or group of muscles will naturally resist the force by tightening even further. This is the opposite effect of what massage is all about. Effective massage relaxes and releases areas of tension.

Most people will naturally try to avoid painful situations. For instance, not many people look forward to going to the dentist since many people associate pain with the dentist. Receiving a massage should not be one of those instances. Everyone has a different level of comfort and tolerance for pain. Each person can perceive pain on a different level depending on their pain tolerance. When the body is experiencing pain, the body reacts through tension. During a deep tissue massage, discomfort is normal and will be felt especially if there are inconsistencies within the tissues. Discomfort is described as a "good hurt", the kind that hurts and feels good at the same time in a strange kind of way. On the other hand, pain can be described as uncomfortable and not well tolerated by the body.

There are many techniques or modalities that can fall under the category of deep tissue work. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Myofascial Release are just two that can be described as advanced deep tissue techniques. NMT focuses on creating a balance between the central nervous system (comprised of the brain, spine, and nerves) and the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints of the body through specific methods. Myofascial Release works on stretching and lengthening the connective tissue coverings called fascia that surround every part of our internal structure including our bones, muscles, and organs. Tight fascia can cause pain and restrict joint mobility.

There are times when deep pressure is necessary and can be painful, and that is in the case of scar tissue. Scar tissue or adhesions, as they are sometimes called, are thick areas of bound up connective tissue that is created during the healing process from an injury or some form of surgery. Scar tissue work requires deep pressure in order to break up the dense nature of this tissue. However, massage therapists should work within the clients comfort level and pain tolerance at all times. If a person cannot handle a high amount of pressure, it may take several more treatments to achieve the same results as someone with a higher threshold for pain. Results will occur, only at a slower rate.

Not everyone needs or should receive a deep tissue massage. Some people simply enjoy the sensation of deeper pressure to their muscles and others prefer a more gentle touch. Someone who has never experienced a massage before may not want to request a deep tissue massage. It is the responsibility of the massage therapist to determine if a deep tissue massage is appropriate and necessary by way of a thorough health history and evaluation. A massage is only effective when the person on the table is comfortable and relaxed.

Liz Florine, LMT, MMP is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner. Her private practice, A Touch Above Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, is located in Barrington, Illinois. For more information, visit or join her on Facebook,
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Still Time to Take Advantage of Our Fantastic February Special!

Happy Spring?? 
Did I miss Winter?  
Anyway, wishing everyone happy sunshine for now and then lots of rain!!

Some specials for you
Now through February 28th

$15.00 off any package for two 
$10.00 an individual package

Monday, February 17, 2014

Your Back Could Use A "Facial" Too!

A decadent spa treatment for your face, and on the flip side, your back. Your back needs a "facial" too! An area that is hard to reach and often neglected. Your Flip Flop Facial includes back and face "facial" as well as your choice of neck and shoulder work, or hands and feet.

60 minutes - $90

Call 36 Oaks Country Retreat to schedule an appointment to try this facial or any other of our relaxing spa treatments. 

(707) 447-8037

Friday, February 14, 2014

Girlfriend's Spa Escape

Girlfriend's Spa Escape is a huge favorite:
An Hour massage
30 minute herbal facial
             Snack tray and plenty of time to relax               


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Swedish Proverb for February

A nice Swedish Proverb  for the month of February:  
"Love me when I least deserve it, because that is when I need it most". 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

 Valentine's Day is coming up!
It's fun to do something sweet and romantic for that special someone and just as important, do
something nice for yourself!!
Always a favorite:  Afternoon or Evening for Two
Two massages side by side
Nice Dessert and fruit & cheese plate
Sparkling cider
And, plenty of time to enjoy the amenities   $185.00

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

36 Oaks Country Retreat's February Sepcials

Happy Spring?? 
Did I miss Winter?  
Anyway, wishing everyone happy sunshine for now and then lots of rain!!

Some specials for you
Now through February 28th

$15.00 off any package for two 
$10.00 an individual package

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a hands on treatment which uses slow, firm pressure to release and remove knots and tension from the body. It has numerous benefits including helping to promote a powerful state of relaxation, as well as improving one's posture. This article takes a look at how massage can benefit certain areas of the body, and how you can go about finding and selecting the best massage therapist in your area.

Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common problem that is experienced by many people around the world. Years of working in a fixed position at a computer, having an incorrect posture, or damaging the body during sports or heavy lifting can result in pain in the back area. No longer do you have to 'put up' with this pain. A great deep tissue massage therapist will be able to act like a detective in order to identify the core problems that are causing the back pain in the first place. They will start with a full deep tissue massage to release tension, and release thickened and dysfunctional tissue in the back area. They will then be able to take a look at your posture and provide a form of systematic postural rehabilitation. This is able to balance your posture back into its perfect state and remove the cause of the back pain.

Hamstring Pain

Hamstring problems are almost always caused by the fact that your hamstrings aren't actually tight, but that they have been overstretched. Overstretching of the hamstrings can be caused by an anterior pelvic tilt. This is a poor posture, which involves your lower back sticking out too much. A deep tissue massage therapist will be able to provide a powerful massage to the hamstring area which is designed to break down scar tissue and dysfunctional tissue. They will then work with the positioning of your pelvis to fix the problem with your hamstrings.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is commonly a result of poor posture. Many people spend countless hours sat in a stationary position, often in a poor posture. This eventually can cause a strain on the neck which will manifest as aches, pains or stiffness. A massage therapist will be able to get deep into those sore spots in the neck, and sometimes on the shoulder blades, and help to release tension. They will also be able to fix the poor posture to prevent the neck pain from recurring.

Where to Find a Massage Therapist

All good massage therapists will have a website which will list information on the services that they offer along with their contact details. To find them you can open your favourite search engine and type in 'massage therapy' along with the town or city that you live in. A massage therapist will be able to advise you on what the best treatment is for your needs. Always choose an established and trusted clinic to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality service.

A deep tissue massage is the best way to relax the stress points in your body and get rejuvenated. Get a deep tissue massage in Melbourne at an affordable price.
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