Sunday, September 29, 2013

What Are the Health Benefits? | Deep Massage

Learn about the benefits of deep tissue massage and how it can help certain health conditions in this Howcast massage video.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Massage Techniques : Benefits of Massage Therapy

A good massage can provide increased circulation, relaxation and relief from tension and knots in the body, in addition to increased flexibility and range of motion.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Stone Massage Explained

Hot stone massage is a popular combination of a light massage technique aided by hot stones for relaxing stiff and tension muscles all over the patient' body. Swedish massage is probably the most commonly used massage therapy for this type of therapeutic massage as it is done in a gentle and smooth manner. The most common type of stone used on the patient's body is basalt rock. The reason for this is because of its ability to retain heat for a long time unlike the other stones. These stones are usually sanitized before being used on the patient's body.

The person responsible for making this massage type popular all over the world is an Arizona massage therapist named Mary Nelson. However, this massage technique is used for many centuries ago as an alternative medicine to promote a healthy condition. La-Stone Therapy was a modified version of hot stone massaged developed by Mary Nelson.

The basalt or other types of stones used are usually placed on a preheated water container until they reach the desirable and appropriate temperature suitable for this type of therapeutic massage. An electric heating device is commonly used as it is more convenient to heat things there than any other type of heating device. Stones that are not warm enough or lost their warmth are replaced and immersed back in the water and heated again in the electric heating device.

In a hot stone massage therapy session, the process is similar with any of the conventional massage therapy where the patient is required to undress and comfortably lie down on the massage bed. However, unlike the other massage styles, hot stone massage starts its therapy by warming up the patient's body with the help of hot stones positioned on the various meridian points located all over the body. The warmth of these stones helps a lot in releasing tension and calming the body parts of the patient as a preparation for a good massage therapy. The massage therapist also uses oil or lotion as a lubricant on the patient's body for a smooth and friction-free manipulation of the various massage strokes. The therapist has the liberty of using hot stones placed on both hands as he or she massages the patient. These stones are replaced with new stones in case the heat doesn't meet the appropriate temperature required for this massage therapy method. Most of the time during a massage session, the massage therapist doesn't remove the hot stones on the patient's body key points as he or she works all over the body.

Many people are getting hooked with this type of massage therapy because of its wonderful effect on the patient's body after the massage therapy session. This type of massage therapy is suitable for individuals who prefer to relax with a lighter and gentler massage therapy. People with body pain often find this technique relieving, relaxing and energizing. It is also a good way of removing emotional and physical stress by getting your energy re-balanced for a healthier body condition.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Is Hot Stone Massage And What Does It Do?

Hot stone massage is a type of massage developed using techniques found from Native American history. The Native Americans would use stones heated by fire to treat aching muscles and help them heal, as was often the case with these highly active people. Mary Nelson developed the first massage treatment to use hot stones which is called LaStone Therapy. Since this was created many other masseurs and spas have created their own versions of the treatment such as stone therapy, wild water stone therapy and other such names.

When receiving a hot stone massage, the masseur will use heated smooth stones to heat up certain muscles in the body. Whilst these stones heat up the body, the masseur will use others as extensions of their hands, rubbing them all over a person's body in different massage strokes to achieve complete relaxation. The advantage of using hot stones is that muscles are warmer and therefore more relaxed, meaning they can be worked to a higher degree without the need to press so hard during massage. Through hot stone massage a masseur can achieve the same effects as deep therapy massage if they do the massage strokes correctly.

Hot stone massage is very difficult to master, and many people find that when they go for one, they actually come out no better than they were before. To reach the right level of skill to perform a good hot stone massage a masseur needs to have been working for many years. Over these years a masseur will develop a sense for what their customers can tolerate in terms of temperature, and also learn how to effectively massage after using stones to gently heat muscles.

Some people have complained about going for a hot stone massage and being treated like an ironing board. This is not the effect that you should be feeling, and if a masseur begins to make you feel this way they need to be told, otherwise a massage could be wasted and you could in fact end up coming out feeling worse than when you went in.

In conclusion, stone massage is a type of massage developed from techniques used by the Native Americans. The fact that it has been used for so long shows that it's an effective type of massage that clearly achieves a greater level of healing and relaxation in the muscles, otherwise people would have moved onto a different form of massage that achieves better results.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Massage Can Be A Great Treatment for Neck Pain

Massage and Neck Pain Treatment

Massage therapy can provide relief for neck pain, especially in people with chronic tightness and soreness in their neck and shoulders. We find many people who carry their stress in their neck and shoulders. They begin to contract their neck muscles and tense their shoulders. Some people describe their shoulders moving towards their ears, which gets worse with stress or activity. Increased physical activity can make it worse such as taking care of the kids, lifting, reaching, or pulling. Driving or sitting for long hours at the computer can really aggravate neck and shoulder pain.

Increasing neck pain is very prevalent in people with "knots" in their muscles that never go away. These knots are areas of muscle that has become injured and "glued" together. The knots are actually scar tissue that prevent muscles from moving and sliding like it should. Over time the amount of scar tissue accumulates and the knots get bigger. Eventually, the knots become a weak point, and any amount of excessive activity aggravates these spots.

Muscle and Scar Tissue Pain

People tend to describe knots as the source of their pain. If they have a hard week or two of childcare, work, or house work those knots begin to get sore. With increased stress muscle pain begins to radiate from the knots to the head or shoulder. In some people the pain goes down their back.

The pain is decreased with icing and massage. Many people constantly ask their spouses to rub their shoulders. With a little rest and ice the pain decreases. However, the shoulder pain can quickly begin again with increased activity.

The shortened knots of muscle affect joints too. Because the affected muscle is functionally shorter and pulling on the joints, it increases the stress on the joints. Many people experience neck pain or headaches as a result of muscle knots. The shortened muscle changes normal movements and structural stress loads, which aggravates and injures joints. Many tension headaches or migraine headaches develop this way.

Massage Therapy Decreases Neck & Shoulder Pain

Massage therapy is effective at decreasing muscle spasms and decreasing the size of the knots. Therapeutic massage can help break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions. This is why massage is recommended treatment for muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, and low back pain.

A trained and experienced therapist will work on the neck and shoulder muscles. Often those knots begin affecting how the scapula (shoulder blade) moves. A really good therapist will work on improving scapular motion and all the muscles associated with its movement. This would include the pectoral muscles of the chest that attach to the front of the scapula.

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for neck pain. It helps decrease muscle spasms and break up scar tissue that has accumulated from daily stress and strain. Some people feel a decrease in headache symptoms within a visit or two.

Look for trained therapists who are experienced in working with these types of injuries. Not all therapists are equal in this regard.
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