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Should I Get a Massage If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Massages are designed to relax an individual and to remove stress and fatigue from the body. Loosening the muscles and joints helps to put one in a better state, and can remove pain if done properly. However, massages also can impact blood pressure, sometimes for the better. There are also risks, though, which are important to include when thinking about getting a massage.

If you have high blood pressure, massage treatment may be beneficial. Deep tissue massages and massages of specific parts of the body, such as legs, can improve circulation and blood flow. For example, deep tissue massages allow for oxygen to be released into the body more easily, stimulating blood cells and improving circulation. Other examples of massages that can benefit a client with high blood pressure include Swedish massages and the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. These massages have known benefits for your body that physicians will recommend.

However, while a massage can have positive effects on blood pressure, it is important to take safety precautions when considering massage treatment. Too much stimulation of the blood cells could increase risks associated with high pressure, so caution must be taken when considering a massage. The best course of action to take is to discuss it with your doctor, and to let your therapist know if and when you go in for a massage. If they know about your concerns, they can adapt your massage to be safe and relaxing for you.

If you have low pressure when considering a massage, it is a different matter altogether. Because massages stimulate blood flow by opening up the capillaries, clients who suffer from low blood pressure may be risking complications by getting a massage. Once again, though, having low pressure does not immediately mean that one can't get a massage. The best course of action is to once again speak with your doctor, and let your therapist know about your body pressure problems so that they can adapt the massage to a safe level for you.

If you're looking for a way to relax, a massage can be a great option. It's important to consider your pressure when making an appointment with your masseuse, but a massage can be a perfectly safe way to relax, and may even serve as a beneficial treatment for your blood pressure. As always, talk to a professional about the risks and benefits, and you can be sure to come to a conclusion that's right for you.

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Read more at Red Bamboo Medi Spa in Clearwater, Florida.
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How to Improve Your Life With a Hot Stone Massage

In hot stone massage, the therapist places the flat, smooth and heated stones on particular point of the body. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and clears out negative energy and restores our normal alignment of the body, mind and soul.

Nature of the stone

Volcanic basalt stones are heated to a temperature of 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or about 50 degrees Celsius in water. The hot stones are never rough and may vary in size and shape. In order to prevent from bacterial contamination the stones are kept in hygienic.

Since Basalt stones are rich in iron it has innate ability to absorb and retain heat that will relieve stress and tension in muscles and enhance circulation. The warmth of the hot stones also calms the nervous system.

Where the hot stone massage apply

The massage therapist will always hold the stones in your hands before applying them to your body to make sure that they are not too hot. The key points targeted with hot stone massage are located in the toes, back and hand. The therapist moves the stone over the body by applying right pressure. The temporary placement of heated rocks on these areas relaxes the muscles. However this type of massage is painless and feels to be relaxed after completion.

Don't eat much before taking this massage. During this massage therapy, the client must lay on the bed by facing down. The client must communicate with the therapist if the stones are too hot or too much of pressure is applied. This type of massages may take 60 to 90 minutes long.


· Increase blood circulation and accelerating the healing process.
· Promotes peace of mind, which reduces depression and anxiety.
· Reduces stress and strains on the joints of the fingers, thumbs and hands.
· Deep sleep for several days after receiving the massage


Since our modern life is stressful, it is best to follow our ancient method of hot stone massage. Most people are free to get their hot stone massage. However, those who have infectious skin disease, those who just came out of surgery are also advised to stay away from getting massages. Meanwhile, if you're pregnant, it's very important to get your doctor's approval before indulging in the massage. The best way to know this massage is to try it and experience the relaxation and pleasure that no other massage can give.

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Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Are you looking for something unique to do for your daughter's birthday? Try a Spa Party!

Girl's Birthday Spa Party

Have your daughter feel like a princess on her special day, at the area's only Country Retreat. Whether it's a few friends or a group, make it a day she'll remember forever. Day includes but not limited to:

Gentle pineapple herbal facials
Paraffin fun dip
Chocolate fountain with strawberries
Snacks and punch
$275.00 for five girls
Additional girls at $55.00 
*prices subject to vary

36 Oaks Country Retreat
6963 Gibson Canyon Road
Vacaville, CA 95688
Open 7 Days By Appointment Only

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The Nervous System and the Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage stimulates your central nervous system to sooth and calm your nerves. By doing so, it reduces stress and tension in both a physical and psychological sense. This is why Swedish massage is often recommended as an important part of a stress management program for people who are otherwise naturally predisposed to suffering from elevated stress levels.

Your body's nervous system is responsible for sending, receiving and carrying nerve impulses around your body. It is the main control unit in your body and these nerve impulses allow your organs and muscles to work efficiently.

Nerve impulses are electrochemical signals carrying information, which travel from your brain to nerves around your body. The stresses and strains of everyday life can affect the smooth running of the nervous system and this where massage therapy can help alleviate the problems this causes.

The skin is the body's largest sensory organ of the body, and when it is touched thousands of tiny nerve receptors send messages to the brain. These are interpreted and returned to the muscles. When the muscles are massaged the body's natural painkillers, endorphins, are triggered which send messages of calm and relaxation. If vigorous massage strokes are applied, the skin's underlying muscles are stimulated, easing tension and stiffness.

Massage can have a very powerful sedative effect on the nerves and problems such as headaches can be relieved, patterns of insomnia broken, tension, stress and anxiety relieved, as well as encouraging relaxed muscles.

The effect of a Swedish massage on the nervous system depends on the reaction of the nerves stimulated. Depending on the type of massage strokes used, the nervous system can be stimulated or soothed creating a calming and relaxed state of well being in the receiver.

The Benefits of massage on the nervous system are:

1. Stimulates blood circulation and the nervous system's response enhancing your well being and boosting your energy

2. Reduces stress, tension and anxiety which can result in headaches, backaches, neck pain, eyestrain, poor concentration, depression, irritability, anger

3. Improves nerve function

4. Massage therapy relaxes contracted muscles which press on or pinch nerves, causing tingling, numbness and pain.

5. Helps treat insomnia caused by tense muscles. Massage therapy relaxes them and allows you to have a good night's sleep

6. Helps balance the nervous system

7. Stimulates the release of endorphins which are the body's natural painkillers thus decreasing pain

8. Massage relaxes and tones the muscles due to its effect its effect on the neuro-muscular reflex pathways.

9. Depending on the type and length of a massage given it will leave you relaxed yet stimulated

10. Massage stimulates the touch, pressure, and receptors of the skin and underlying tissue.

If anyone suffers from any problems caused by the dysfunction of their nervous system then a Swedish massage is the answer to their problems. With a little practice anyone can learn a few strokes to alleviate and improve a person's health and well being.

Trevor Hunt Massage Therapist with over 40 years experience in UK.
See my ebook: 'Marvellous Massage Secrets' at [] which includes YouTube links to demonstration videos. Therapy website
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Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Health experts and professionals estimate that up to ninety percent of disease is stress-related. Perhaps nothing ages us more quickly, both internally and externally, than high stress. The effects of stress can affect many systems of the body from the central nervous system, the muscular system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, the cardivascular, the immune system and even the lymphatic system. Stress can affect hormone levels which can result in a low or non-existent libido to trouble conceiving or infertility.

The effects of overtaxing the parasympathetic nervous system can also result in muscle tightness which causes pain, stiffness and leaves peoeple feeling tight and stiff. Stress can disrupt healthy breathing patterns which result in shortness or constrictedness of breath which results in less oxygen to the muscles and organs which impairs its ability to heal, repair and rejuevenate. The cardiovascular system can also be affected which can result in higher blood pressure which puts one at risk for cardiovasuclar disease or heart attacks. People often eat more as a coping mechanism when they feel high levels of stress which can result in obesity and all the other comobidities that often accompany weight gain such as cardiovasulcar disease, diabetes and stress on the joints of the body carrying excess weight such as the knees.

There are a variety of integrative health care or holistic health care modalities that can help to manage stress such as yoga, meditation, controlled breathing exercises and massage.

Massage has proven to be an effective tool for managing stress, which translates into decreased anxiety as well as enhanced sleep quality. Sleep is one of the most important biological processes for the body and mind since that is when the body is able to heal and repair on a deep and sustained level. One of the most ideal times to receive a massage is just before going to sleep.

Other benefits of massage include:greater energy, improved concentration, increased circulatio as well as reduced fatigue. Therapeutic massage can also help specifically address many chronic health issues. Regular bodywork can: alleviate low-back pain, correct imbalance and poor posture and improve range of motion.

Prenatal massage should be done by a massage therapist specifically trained to address the health needs of a pregnant women. It can assist with shorter, more manageable childbirth for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.

Other health benefits of massage can include ease of medication dependence, enhanced immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow which is the body's natural defense system.

For athletes, regular massage therapy is a critical component to alleviate and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles. Massage therapists often assist athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts with regular sessions.

Massage improves the condition of the body's largest organ--the skin. It is important to use natural or organic lotions or oils when massaging since the skin will absorb it and the components of them will go into the bloodstream.

Other critical effects of massage include:Increase of joint flexibility, decrease in depression and anxiety, promotion of tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks, oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital internal organs, improving circulation and cardiovascular flow, the release of endorphins-- that work as the body's natural painkiller.

For those seeking to find a massage therapist in Main Line, PA or a Massage in Main Line, PA massage the blog at is a good source of holistic health care advice as well as massage tips.
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36 Oaks Country Retreat - A Place to Dream, Reflect, Believe


The curtain softly moves with the country breeze
Music softly plays in the distance
A misting fountain gently splashes
Aromatherapy fills the air
Deer wander by, then a flock of turkeys
Candles twinkle warmly around the room

Yes - - - you are at Thirty Six Oaks Country Retreat

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